Kristie D.

I never thought that posting my results or how I was treated would matter but it does. Very helpful to others that are going through the same things. great encouragement! However I have had 6 children and 3 of those children were at one time… I have always taken great care of myself and I was blessed with great genes. However the one part of me that i couldn’t ever do anything about without help was my breasts. I have always been very large and always struggled finding something that fit me right on top and the bottom part of me… However over the years of being large and than having children breastfeeding and always being in pain due to the weight etc. I still wanted to have this surgery done. I was so scared. I went to many, many, many consults and even scheduled a few surgeries. However always backed out. Something just didn’t sit right with me. However after much research and studying up on what was important to me I found Dr Kelly. Right from the get go he was serious about his work. Very passionate, not bragging. He was focused on me and my needs. He was also interested in why I felt I needed this procedure. I could cry right now with the joy and love I have felt from Dr. Kelly and his staff. It has only been a week since the surgery and I love my results. I hope anyone that reads this will consider a consult to get your questions answered. Also make sure you research your Dr you choose. I did and found that only Dr. Kelly will be my Dr. from this point on. Have a great day!


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