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Brow Lift Surgery in Utah

Is a sagging brow hindering your facial expressions? A brow lift is a time-tested method for rejuvenating the look of your eyes and forehead. This minimally invasive procedure works to reverse the effects of gravity, as well as tightens the soft tissues of the forehead to provide a more youthful contour to the face.

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The position and shape of your eyebrow can add or subtract from the youthfulness of your face and the look of your eyelids. A youthful-looking eyebrow sits at the upper level of the brow ridge. For women, the eyebrow should have an arch with the highest point of the arch being about two-thirds of the distance from the center of the face. It is also possible with a brow lift to decrease the horizontal lines of the forehead. A careful evaluation needs to be done to assess the position of your brow, the changes that could be made, as well as the shape and function of your upper eyelid.

There are many techniques that can be used. Dr. Kelly prefers to tailor the brow lift procedure to your needs and use the most conservative method that will accomplish the results you desire. His preferred technique hides the incisions back in your hair so there are no visible incision lines while creating a graceful and pleasing eyebrow shape.